Tuesday, October 26, 2021

say hello to our tiny death stories


We are introducing a new offering at The Death Dialogues Project.

One night I was awakened with the thought, we need to post tiny death stories on our account. 

Flash fiction and other tiny writing has been around for years. Having written it myself, I knew that it was an exercise of one having to really sit with the story and whittle it to its core, something I believe can have therapeutic value. We have heard from our storytellers and our tiny story writers how helpful the process is.

But the reader? Think of all the mindless scrolling that can occur on social media. Many people in the throes of end of life, death and grief are also mindlessly scrolling if they have the time and space. What I've heard repeatedly is that they just want to hear that others have survived similar terrain. 

Enter: the tiny story. Very fast, moving, poignant reads. 

You can find the ones we've already published on our Instagram and Facebook accounts. There is a steady stream of submissions flowing in.

If you'd like to submit or know someone who would, here is what we need:

No more than 100 words of your true and personal story. .

A photo to accompany your story.

How you'd like your name. You are welcome to be anonymous.

Send these to tinydeathstory@gmail.com.

All things good,


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