Thursday, October 28, 2021

Living with Ghosts Watch Party


Ya’ll know how magical and healing I’ve seen stories of folks connecting with their deceased loved ones can be, right? (you’ll read stories surrounding this in both my upcoming books)

Yesterday I had a loooong zoom chat with the creator, director, producer of the film LIVING WITH GHOSTS— Stephen Berkley. He was such a kind man and loves our project and its mission. 

This movie is currently taking the festival circuit by storm and cannot yet be released publicly. We were given the honor of having a watch party. 

This documentary is based on the first scientific study done on after death communication. 

I’m so thrilled that we can watch it here first. For less than the price of a cinema ticket you will get to view this groundbreaking and award winning film. It will be available from Oct 30 (NZ) x10 days. 

You may also know how much I love supporting others’ good work— our watching will support bringing this movie to PBS in the future. How’s that for the gift that keeps on giving?

I know that this time of the year can feel wonky for some people after they’ve experienced death. I also know that for some of you it brings on more significance and a huge honoring. Consider this an offering that builds a bridge between those two extremes. 

You can access the movie at THIS LINK.

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