Sunday, January 16, 2022

Five Years: A Tiny Death Story

1,824 days
on your final dawn breath
on that Friday the 13th
could that smiling orb
hear the wails
begging death to be a lie
every full moon since 
an anniversary
disbelief lives on
that split second
reaching for the phone 
expecting you to walk 
out of the photo …
and you do 
directly into our hearts
your essence
echoes on
here, yet gone 
dead, yet alive 
intermingled within 
the love 
you so carefully 
wildly alive
in those
who adored you

🖤 wwmd 🖤

— Becky 

Marking the fifth year of my dear brother’s death. He was largely responsible for the creation of this project— a “what would Max do”production. His wife’s tiny death story is on our Instagram and Facebook. 🖤