Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Yoga and Grief: a match made in heaven

I’m a big believer in “there are no coincidences.”

My yoga teacher from when I lived in the states emailed me a lovely blogpost re. someone’s grief story and I noticed the url was The post she sent was a guest post on that website. 

Obviously I wanted to learn more— and my immediate thought was wow—OF COURSE— why haven’t I seen more about yoga practices enveloping the practice of walking in the world after loss.

So- I did a deep dive into this website and found that Sandy Ayer— who created yoga for grief support had an online course offering.   Brilliant.

You see, the more you go wandering around in the world of death and grief, the more you find these beautiful outcroppings of gifts to us all that have sprung from loss and grief.

Sandy experienced the tragic loss of her partner and that led her to eventually creating the yoga for grief support online program as well as "in person" classes in Edmonton, Canada.

Come along and join us for her story and insights on our podcast episode. HERE is the link to the episode on Spotify but you can find The Death Dialogues Podcast on your favourite podcast platform. 

Monday, January 21, 2019

there are "ghosts" among us

Ghosts get a bad rap, don't they?

If you are like me, your first experience with the word ghosts was with the old cartoon Casper the Friendly Ghost.

I loved him.

For many years, it has become apparent to me, personally, that there are Spirits who walk among us and as I speak to more and more people about their experiences surrounding death, it's quite common to hear of others' experiences.

One book that extremely interesting on the topic is Hello from Heaven.

And after my brother's death I found the podcast-- WE DON'T DIE created by a skeptic who began exploring the topic of life after death in the aftermath of her father's death.

There are so many resources but these two are solid and get you off to a lovely start if you have wonderings about the topic.

Check out our latest podcast to hear a personal account of unequivocal contact from the other side witnessed by three people-- ghost stories: love never ends. 

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Grief and the New Year

So everyone else seemed to be rocking in the new year while you and Grief had your own private party.

That is totally understandable.

Come along for this little podcast episode for a wee chat about the New Year and a few resources thrown in.

And yes, the funky title is 100% relevant!

Link for Spotify HERE and also available on the platform you love. 

Travelling with Grief: a young widow's story

Over the holidays Dawn Picken and I had a chat in the little red shed about her journey after her husband's untimely death nine years ago.

Dawn had been on air in the local news in Springfield, Illinois years ago and when I moved to New Zealand, a mutual friend hooked us up because Dawn was living here as well.

Small world.

Listen to how Dawn turned her life upside down when loss visited her.

Podcast link to Spotify HERE, but can be heard on your favourite podcast platform.