The Death Dialogues Project Podcast began in November 2018 with an aim to see if people are interested in conversations surrounding death.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive:


"This podcast was like a beacon of light when I needed it most and continues to illuminate my life. Becky has created a way for people to talk and think about death, loss and grieving. And although it is something that each of us will do, it is not an area we usually talk about. Which leads to isolation and loneliness . . ."

"I love how real these episodes are . . ."

"Sensitive and thought provoking content-- so great to have open dialogue around death, grieving and the aftermath. Bravo. Can't wait to hear more."

"This podcast is proof that there are people out there who want to talk about the things that no one (seems to) want to talk about. Thank you for bringing these historically "hush-hush" conversations out into the open."

"I have had the privilege of being interviewed by Becky of The Death Dialogues Project and can tell you that her inquiry is extraordinary and in-depth. I felt supported and I loved her curiosity. This podcast will fearlessly open the dialogue around death, dying and loss. No stone unturned. Take a listen. You will appreciate Death and Life much more . . ."

"I really enjoy listening to these and hearing different people's perspectives and circumstances of grief. Becky does a great job guiding the conversation and is so calm it's almost meditative to listen to."

"This podcast has helped me address the many varied feelings associated with grief after the death of a loved one. We all experience death and loss in our lives and our culture seems to have really difficult time talking about it which leaves the sufferer feeling alone and confused. This podcast is the remedy!"

"I'm glad to see more discussion about grief. Thanks!

"Becky's interviews show us that, not only are there a great deal of different ways in which we experience death, dying, caring for the dying and grief but that all of these stories are valuable. This is critical if we, as a society, are going to be able to create a more compassionate way to support one another through these very human experiences. Listening is the first step in learning. Have a listen. It's time well spent."

"I've been looking for a while for a podcast that talks openly and honestly about death and grief, and I've finally found it. The host is heartfelt, knowledgeable, compassionate and holds space for these discussions in a very skilled way. A necessary antidote to a difficult and often isolating topic. knowledgeable, compassionate and holds space for 

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