Thursday, May 2, 2019

losing your love: thoughts from a widow & widower

The Death Dialogues podcast gives us the opportunity to hear people's tender tales that they are willing to share to the world.

Our last two episodes consist of interviews with a widow and then a widower.

Heike Mertin has written a book Grieving is . . . thoughts on loss, struggle and new beginnings .

Heike's brother died of cancer and then her husband was diagnosed with brain cancer. After his death her ailing parents both died as well. Heike's book shares short snippets from three phases of her grief. It's lovely in that you can pick up her book and briefly engage in a reading that will resonate and support you.

Heike opens her heart to us in episode number 22. 

You can join us for that podcast episode here:

Our most recent podcast episode is titled The Accidental Episode. It is a step into the world of a recently bereaved partner and a sacred telling of their home death and vigil experience with candid sharing of emotion.

This episode came about when Dan Rundleman agreed to have a conversation surrounding the death of his wife, but as you hear, he initially felt that emotions may be a bit too raw so instead we just stayed on our pre-episode chat. However, at the end of that he decided we could use it for an episode. 

This episode is unlike any other and we so appreciate Dan's candid sharing of his family's story. You can listen here (actually number 23):

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