Wednesday, February 10, 2021

missing you


on days like this

the bird song

the rain drips down the glass

the soft breeze

i dream that just maybe

we are not so far from another

maybe our seasons have collided

my waning summer day

unseasonably chilled

clouds blanketing us

and yours

a warm winter day

where sun embraces you

and puddles form

and the bird calls ask if it is time

on days like this

i wonder if our souls are skipping

holding hands

splashing in the wet

sweat collecting under our rain coats

creeping down from my scalp

carving a stream on my face

where my tears 

that water our separation

have previously flowed

on days like this

i hope this connection i feel is not 

my imagination

but that force they speak of 

that connects people in the here and there

across the planet

into the beyond

i think they call it 


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