Wednesday, June 17, 2020

John Pavlovitz on The Death Dialogues Project Podcast

Did you miss last year's podcast with John Pavlovitz? 

The first time I read one of John's viral pieces on grief I felt like I had gone full spiritual circle in my life.

John was a Methodist pastor in a megachurch and was ousted for his compassionate views towards acceptance of all things compassion of differing beliefs and the LGBTQIA community.

I grew up in one such church that would have ousted him and because of that disconnect between religion and compassion throughout my young life, I'd had a difficult time reconciling how the two could coexist.

Enter John. 

Listen to him and you will see how compassion and religion can co-exist. 

It was so uplifting hearing his confirmation that there are many paths to God (and many names for God).

I've gained so much from the intimate conversations on The Death Dialogues Podcast and this goes down as one that was hugely healing.

The other magical aside is that his eloquence in his writing and discourse as well as his belief foundations is so reminiscent of my brother Max's walk in life; I could feel his presence within this episode.

Give it a listen and follow his work. Beautiful all. 

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