Monday, March 23, 2020

a dose of medicine for you

My gift to you.

Your reactions to all of the mixed messages and confusing information our there about the Covid-19 crisis are so very understandable.

While we could wax lyrical about various leadership critical errors or slow responses all we really have is this moment right here.

This one.

The moment where you are reading this message.

Admittedly after the explosion of cases, my reaction was one of paralysis. Simply absorbing the magnitude of the situation. Having repeated family meetings about how, based on the trends and research and expert opinion, we were going to move forward in this world shaking process.

We made some decisions that were a bit out of the box: took our 15 year out of high school prior to any suggestions to do so (and he promptly exhibited some viral symptoms the next day along with receiving messages about rampant flu like symptoms at his school); we've been practicing physical distancing for over a week.

Evidence shows us all we need to physically distance ourselves from each other.

We need to be kind.

We need to find other ways of connection.

We need to take care of ourselves.

I've recorded this bonus episode "Calm in the Time of Corona" where you will find 30 minutes of soothing elixir that (I promise) will introduce you to some very easy techniques for optimal mind-body-spirit health that will facilitate increased resilience and coping during these trying times.

Please take a moment.

Take a break.

Put on your headphones.

And know that this episode was made with love and compassion and every hope that we will each find the inner resilience and longevity we need to get through this long strange trip.

And please, if you know anyone who is struggling to cope and also in the name of being proactive and not reactive-- feel free to share.

(the content of this episode is rational and science-based and recommended by an MD, Master’s of Public Health who is immersed in this covid19 pandemic’s  trends and research-- this isn't fluff, please listen)

Much love and all things good--

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