Monday, January 6, 2020

do we stay or do we go now

Hello you.

Peeking out on the other side of 2019.

Was the last decade kind to you?

Did it bring deep love?

Did you experience deep loss?

The Death Dialogues Project was born out of a lifelong "knowing" that denying Death's inevitability was not a healthy dynamic and, after working with Death, seeing the need for people to become more empowered about their own experiences.

Here we are.

We said we'd give the podcast a year and if there wasn't interest we'd drop it.

And my own personal payment-- if we help one person a day? AMAZING.

Thousands of people have listened and so many people have given feedback about how they have been helped by our podcast and resources and productions and presence.

Here's a wee podcast update as we go into our new year. See what we decided.

All things good,

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