Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Where Death has Taken Me

I am so hoping you have the opportunity to listen to Jane Cunningham's interview on The Death Dialogues Project Podcast. You can find the direct link at the end of this post or see all of the available podcast platforms on your right.

When I arrived in Whangarei eight years ago, I was daunted by leaving my friends and family, but felt that, for wellness reasons, it was the appropriate decision.

By attending a workshop Jane conducted I linked into a world I had always wanted and that has continued to grow during my time in Aotearoa. 

Women/people gathering and connecting on a soul level and engaging in creative process was a sacred balm I had craved throughout my lifetime and has been healing and nourishing. 

Now I call Jane a friend and one of "my people"-- the kind of friend that I know could be by my side when The Hard comes to visit.

Give this podcast a listen and you will see a bit more deeply into one of the Northland of New Zealand's gems and her perspective on why having Death out of the closet is so very important.

How Jane describes herself:

I am a woman who is a deep believer in the Numinous –the presence of the Divine.  The Numinous shows up in synchronicity, Love, beauty, kindness and ordinary life in ways that we are not taught to perceive and I want to build that practise in the world.  I understand that the world is hungry for a return to Spirit.  Humans and the land and the waters and all the creatures are literally sick from disconnection and I believe in our obligation to do the work of realigning with the Divine as part of our truth.  So I paint, pray, play and tend to my soul and the souls around me knowing that the Numinous is present everywhere and comes alive each time we tend to it.  I don’t have all the questions let alone all the answers and I skin my knees from stumbling, but I keep turning up to it all as best I can. I am a woman of Pictish/Celtic lineage deeply connected to the land of Aotearoa, New Zealand in which I live. I am a mother of two beautiful girls and live with my family and working one on one and in person using Creativity as a way of exploring the inner landscape.  I look forward to seeing your Numinous soul shine. Jane's resource for planning surrounding death can be seen here: Gentle Conversations. Her website can be found HERE. You can find her on FaceBook and Instagram by searching Numinous Jane.
You can listen to Jane's episode here: 

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